Helpful Tips For Renting A Short-Term Vacation Rental When Traveling With Kids

If you are planning a family vacation, you might be looking forward to going on a nice trip with your kids. However, to ensure that everyone has a great trip, you'll want to choose the right accommodations for your trip. If you're thinking about renting a short-term vacation rental instead of a hotel room — which is often a good idea, particularly for families — then you'll want to consider these tips for success.

Outdoor Sights To See On A Washington D.C. Tour

Taking a tour of Washington D.C. often involves visiting a lot of buildings, like the Capitol and White House. However, there are also a lot of interesting outdoor sights to see in Washington D.C. Here are a few such sights that you may see included in a tour. The Washington Monument The Washington Monument is a tall, stone obelisk that was built to honor George Washington, the nation's first President. It was built by the U.