Outdoor Sights To See On A Washington D.C. Tour

Taking a tour of Washington D.C. often involves visiting a lot of buildings, like the Capitol and White House. However, there are also a lot of interesting outdoor sights to see in Washington D.C. Here are a few such sights that you may see included in a tour.

The Washington Monument

The Washington Monument is a tall, stone obelisk that was built to honor George Washington, the nation's first President. It was built by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in the mid-1800s. While it is possible to take an elevator to the top of the monument, most people just visit the exterior and admire the monument from the grounds that surround it. There are some walkways you can go down and informational plaques you can read to learn more about the monument's history.

National Gallery Sculpture Garden

If you visit the National Gallery as a part of your tour, then you may want to stop by the associated sculpture garden afterward. Throughout the park, you can not only see lots of beautiful plants, but also sculptures by noted artists including Auguste Rodin, Edgar Degas, and Leonardo Da Vinci. The garden also has an ice skating rink that's open in the colder months. It's a lovely place to walk around, explore, and learn more about art.

National Arboretum

If you prefer a tour that takes you away from the hubbub of busy, central D.C., then look for one that visits the National Arboretum. Located on the outskirts of Washington D.C., this outdoor space is densely planted with trees and other plants. There are also some bald eagles that nest within the arboretum, and occasionally you will see them resting on a nest where they have laid eggs. Since bald eagles are the National Bird, this is quite a sight to see while in D.C..

The Lawn of the National Mall

The lawn outside the National Mall is a great place to stop on any tour of D.C. You'll see people having picnics, playing soccer, and taking photos. There's even a carousel you can take a ride on if desired. Visiting this park area is a great way to get a feel for the everyday culture and personality of the district.

If you book a tour that includes a stop at one or more of the places above, you can have a great time. There are lots of nice, outdoor spaces around D.C., and you deserve to enjoy them. 

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