Taking Your First Wine Tour? Three Ways To Get More From The Experience

Serious wine lovers often look back fondly at their first wine tasting tour as something of a moment of awakening in their lives. In addition to providing an opportunity to sample many different wines, taking a wine tasting tour helps new wine lovers meet others with similar interests, often awakening new relationships capable of lasting a lifetime. 

If you have just signed up for a first wine tasting tour and want to enjoy an experience that is both memorable and educational, here are some important things to know. 

Plan ahead 

While it is perfectly fine to stop by a wine tasting event on the spur of the moment, you may find that doing a bit of planning can enhance the experience. For example, planning ahead allows you to: 

  • wear appropriate shoes that will allow you to stand and walk comfortably throughout the tasting
  • have a supply of cash on hand to cover tasting fees 
  • arrange childcare in advance so that you can better focus on the experience

Wine tasting does involve drinking alcohol, so it may also be a good idea to plan to use a rideshare app or include a designated driver who is willing to accompany you without actually imbibing any of the wine samples. 

Taste correctly 

If drinking wine is a new experience, you may not fully understand how important the correct tasting process is in bringing out the flavor in each glass of wine. Proper wine tasting form begins when the wine is poured into the stemmed wine glass. Holding the glass by the stem, you should gently swirl the wine around to help oxygenate it. 

After swirling the wine, hold it to your nose so that you can begin to smell the aroma created during the swirling process. This aroma is called the nose of the wine and offers the taster hints of the wine's origins. After enjoying the aroma, sip the wine and hold the liquid in your mouth for a second to fully enjoy the rich, lingering aftertaste. 

Expand your wine boundaries

You will likely be offered wines to taste from the light, white wines through the richest, darkest reds during the event. While it is perfectly fine for you to focus only on the types of wine you prefer during the tasting, doing so can mean missing out on a chance to fall in love with a new wine that you have never before tasted.

Since many wine tasting events waive the tasting fee for those who purchase a bottle to take home, it can be a wonderful opportunity to expand wine boundaries. Wine tasting tours take place throughout the nation and in several foreign countries. For more information, contact a company like GREEN GODDESS PEDICABS.