How Dolly Parton Theme Parks Set Themselves Apart

When you go to a theme park, what do you expect to do? Most people assume they will spend their time riding rollercoasters and other rides, and perhaps playing some carnival games. Indeed, these are things you can do at a Dolly Parton family theme park, too. However, Dolly Parton theme parks also set themselves apart with some other fun activities and amenities. Here's a look at what you can expect.

Music Displays

Dolly Parton is a country singer, and a well-known one at that! Her theme parks honor this career with various displays and attractions centered around her music. There are educational displays where you can learn how Dolly made it into the music industry and how her talent developed through the years. The park also plays Dolly's music (along with other country music) throughout the day. It's hard to leave without a better idea of who Dolly was and how her music makes you feel.

Craftsman Demonstrations

Have you ever wondered how a blacksmith shoes a horse? Maybe you've wondered how leather workers make belts. You can learn all this and more at the Craftsman demonstrations in Dolly Parton's parks. There are various booths where skilled workers in many crafts will be showing off and explaining their trades. You can ask questions, try a few things yourself, and maybe even buy a souvenir to bring home.

Ropes Courses and Adventure Trails

While it's fun to let rides propel you around, it is also fun to propel yourself around. That's something you can do on the ropes and adventure courses at Dolly Parton Theme Parks. There are all sorts of obstacles you can navigate, from swinging beams to floating stairs. You can take on the beginner or more advanced challenges, depending on your level of comfort with navigating physical challenges of this sort.

Themed Restaurants

While many theme parks have restaurants that fit their theme, Dolly Parton's parks are the only ones where the restaurants all have a Tennessee vibe. You'll find biscuits that taste like the ones from days gone by, delicious cinnamon bread, and smoked meats. If you love country cooking, you'll have some great meals at Dolly Parton theme parks.

Visiting a Dolly Parton Theme Park is a great way to experience something new. You'll get to try ride the rollercoasters and other classics, but you'll also get to play on ropes courses and eat cinnamon bread. That sounds like a great day!