Six Things To Keep In Mind Regarding Safety When Hiking Near Waterfalls

Waterfalls are among the most scenic natural sites that are perfect for exploring on a hike. However, there are a few things you should keep in mind regarding safety to avoid accidents and injury during a waterfall hike.

The following are six things to keep in mind regarding safety when hiking near waterfalls. 

The water flowing through streams, brooks, and rivers near waterfalls can appear deceptively calm.

It's best to avoid trying to cross flowing water during a waterfall hike unless you're going over a bridge. The current near a waterfall can be particularly strong. If you try to cross a stream where water is flowing, you might be thrown off balance by the current. 

You should avoid straying from established hiking paths when you are hiking to view waterfalls.

Make sure you're sticking to established hiking trails to prevent yourself from becoming lost while on a waterfall hike. Not only is it safer to stick to established hiking trails, but it also generally helps you to access the best views. Hiking trails are generally built to allow for practical and convenient access to the best viewing points along a stream where waterfalls are visible. By sticking to the trails, you can take advantage of these viewing points. 

Comfortable footwear offering good traction is essential for hikes around waterfalls.

Hiking trails near waterfalls and streams are often rocky. The quality of your footwear is very important when you're hiking on uneven terrain. Therefore, you should make sure you wear comfortable footwear when you're on a waterfall hike. 

It's best to pack bottled water and avoid drinking unfiltered water from streams.

Regardless of how clean the stream water looks, you should avoid drinking it. Water in streams and rivers can contain harmful bacteria that make those who drink the water sick. You should either pack bottled water or bring along a filtration system to filter any contaminants out of stream water before drinking it. 

Having a map along with you is important.

Before the hike begins, you should prepare by familiarizing yourself with the lay of the land. Study a map of the area and pack a map along with you. Avoid relying entirely on your phone's GPS, because then you'll be in trouble if your phone loses its signal. 

You need to look out for slippery surfaces while hiking around waterfalls.

Pay attention to your footing as you hike near waterfalls. You can expect the environment to be wet, so look out for rocks, mud, and other surfaces that are made slippery or less stable due to splashing water.

To learn more about waterfall hikes, contact a hiking tour company near you.