3 Fantastic Ways To Spend Your Next Family Vacation In Arizona

Are you wondering how to plan your family's time during your next vacation in Arizona? Here are just a few fantastic things you can do while visiting the beautiful state:

Spend Time Camping

Arizona is the perfect state to go camping in. With wide open spaces, rugged landscapes, unique wildlife, and indigenous foliage to explore, you and your family can spend days camping in the great outdoors without getting bored. You can sleep by Apache or Saguaro Lake, set up camp at Coronado National Forest, or spend time in an RV at one of the many RV parks throughout Arizona that offer quick access to activity spots for things like hiking and fishing.

You don't have to spend your entire vacation camping in order to gain all the benefits of spending day and night outdoors. Get your family active, enjoying some fresh air, identifying new animals and plants, and spending time around the campfire by planning just one or two camping nights.

Buy a tent or rent an RV, fill a cooler up with campfire foods, and bring along a board game or two – but leave the electronics back in your hotel room or at home. You won't need to watch movies or spend time on social media when there is so much nature to explore. You can your family should feel refreshed, empowered, and more enlightened by the time your camping experience is over.

Go Horseback Riding

Another great way to spend your vacation time in Arizona is to enjoy an afternoon of horseback riding with your family. Horseback riding will offer you and your family the opportunity to see Arizona from a unique perspective that can't be experienced on foot or from within a vehicle.

You can tour the mountainous regions, floral gardens, cacti forests, and wildlife habits from horseback without having to worry about wearing your feet out or being threatened by wild animals.

And with an expert guide accompanying you throughout the experience, you are sure to gain insight into the history and culture of any areas of Arizona you decide to explore on horseback. Consider booking two or three different horseback riding trips for your family so you can explore several areas of Arizona from this unique perspective.

Visit the Grand Canyon

One important attraction that shouldn't be overlooked while vacationing in Arizona is the Grand Canyon. Located north of Flagstaff, the Grand Canyon offers days of exploration to immerse yourself in. The Grand Canyon is an excellent backdrop for morning hikes and afternoon picnics. Visit Mather Point, Mary Colter's Lookout Studio, and Desert View Watchtower before enjoying a barbecue and setting up to stargaze when the sun goes down.

Start your Grand Canyon experience with a south rim sunrise tour that offers breathtaking views and an opportunity to plan the rest of your visit while you learn about the geological and ecological history of the area. Consider ending your day with a sunset bike tour and a campfire dinner with a view that goes on for miles.

You can also book daytime hiking and bus Grand Canyon tours that will give you an opportunity to see all the most impressive Grand Canyon sites up close and personal. And there are plenty of camping spots as well as horseback riding opportunities located near the Grand Canyon, so you can easily plan a multiday excursion that incorporates all the activities outlined here into your Arizona vacation experience.

Start planning your next family vacation in Arizona by booking all of your Grand Canyon bus, bike, and hiking tours today. Planning the rest of the vacation around your Grand Canyon experiences should be a breeze.