Looking To Book A Wine Tour? Factors To Consider When Selecting A Tour

If you love to sip on wine or are looking to spend a day in an area known for its wineries, you may be looking to book a wine tour. This is a great way to check out wineries, try out new wines, and explore beautiful, rustic scenery. But it is important to note that wine tours vary based on the company you book the tour through. Here are a few of the factors that you should consider as you go about selecting the right tour for you. 

How Many People Are on the Tour

One of the first questions you will want to ask is how many people are on the tour or in the group with you. Most companies who host wine tours use small shuttle buses that hold around 15 to 20 people. Any more than this and the winery can be overwhelmed by the sudden influx of people. Most people prefer a quiet, relaxing wine tour, so look for companies that limit their tours to a reasonable number of people. 

What Wineries You Visit

Another important question to ask is what wineries you will visit during your tour. Then research the wineries and find out what types of wine they are known for. If most of the stops on the tour are for red wines and you prefer white, the tour may not be the right one for you. Learning what wineries you will visit helps you determine if the wineries align with your preferences. 

How Many Wineries You Visit in a Day

Always ask how many wineries you will visit in a day and how much time you will have at each winery. You want to be able to taste wine, explore the winery and make purchases. But if you are rushed or have limited time, you may be unable to enjoy your experience. Look for a tour that allows you to visit a few new wineries and enjoy the entire location, rather than rushing to take you from one location to the next. 

What is Included As Part of Your Tour

The last question you will want to ask when booking a wine tour is what is included as part of your tour. Transportation and wine tasting is typically included. But some companies also provide lunch or dinner and some may even include a coupon for a bottle of wine from your favorite winery. Always ask to find out what is included to find a great deal on a tour. 

Taking the time to consider each of these four factors will help you select a wine tour that appeals to you and your tastes, while still allowing you to explore new wines and settings.